The Hypatia Platform provides the features and functionality to fully support the secure, scalable and private, storage and retrieval of due-diligence documents for worldwide Regulators and Licence applicants.

Companies and Individuals applying for Licenses in regulated jurisdictions are required to undergo extensive background  and compliances checks.  Applicants are required to submit extremely sensitive information such as; banking records, brokerage records, tax records, real estate records.  Regulators use this information to build a detailed and certified profile of an applicant and to attest that the applicant is qualified to hold a licence in their jurisdiction. This process is often referred to as “fit and Proper Supervision.” The process serves as a gatekeeper to protect the integrity of the jurisdiction and licensees.  

The process is time consuming, resource intensive and expensive. Applicants typically apply to be licensed in multiple jurisdictions worldwide, and are forced to submitted the same documents and information to each regulator. For each jurisdiction Regulators in turn must verify and certify all this information over and over again.

The Hypatia Platform allows all this data to be shared between co-operating regulators, in a provable, secure, permissioned, scalable, and efficient manner. Building on a Permissioned Blockchain and decentralized encrypted storage, Hypatia delivers on all requirements for security, privacy, verifiability, audit control and efficiency in a cost effective manner. It’s decentralized architecture removes any single point of failure from the system and also makes it far more secure against cyber attacks than traditional highly centralized systems.

Hypatia offers Zero Knowledge Privacy, Proof-of-Authenticity and Proof-of-Integrity for a document, certificate, degree, KYC results on our permissioned Blockchain.