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Hypatia Technologies offers Compliance as a Service in regulated markets globally, through a decentralized secure platform providing a single unified view of all multi-party transactions. The Hypatia Platform enables the secure and scalable sharing of Compliance documents, at all times protecting the integrity of the process. The Hypatia Platform gives Regulators, Vendors and Key Employees full control over all steps in the licensing process. We create value by lowering costs, removing the massive duplication of submission documents for all parties, and our 3rd party integrations for credit checking, drug testing and criminal background checks.

The Hypatia Platform is a collaborative, open-standards initiative serving a broad set of government regulated industries.

The Hypatia Platform provides a verified set of digital credentials and associated Smart Contracts for licensing and regulating companies, their executives and key employees

The Hypatia Platform consist of 3 key components: a decentralized Core Engine, Industry Aware Modules (IAMs) and Standardized APIs.

Core Engine

The Core Engine is a platform built using a Blockchain, strong crypto, a Rules Engine, and Time Series & Graph databases.

Logical Architecture

logical architectureThe Logical Architecture shows the Core Engine including: Report Manager, Alert Manager, Search Engine, Rules Engine, Time Series & Graph databases and the Blockchain; the API layer and the IAMs: Regulated Gaming, Compliance Management, Clinical Trials as well as 3rd Party IAM providers leveraging the standardized APIs.

Key Features

The Core Engine has the following key features:

Key Features

Industry Aware Modules (IAMs)

IAMs  support the various markets and their unique requirements through configuration of the rules engine on top of the Core Engine.

The Regulated Gaming IAM is designed to enable Gaming Regulators and Gaming Operators to fully comply with all laws and regulations surrounding Responsible Gaming, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and Anti-Terrorist Funding (ATF).

The License Management IAM allows all compliance/licensing data to be shared between co-operating regulators, in a provable, secure, permissioned, scalable, and efficient manner.  Hypatia delivers on all requirements for security, privacy, verifiability, audit control and efficiency in a cost effective manner.

Standardized APIs

Standard  REST based APIs and GraphQL to allow seamless and easy integration with any vendor’s systems or 3rd party IAM development.